Saturday Teachings

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Hebrew Class
On Monday afternoons we teach beginning Biblical Hebrew. Enrich your spiritual walk by learning to read the Bible in its original language. Hebrew is the only language in the world which is both phonetic and pictographic. According to ancient tradition, it is the language with which God spoke creation into existence. For information: Contact Jodi Klein-541-388-5603.

Davidic Dance
Davidic praise and worship through dance have been a part of Israel since ancient times. The Hebrews danced for all occasions – at the crossing of the Red Sea, after a war, during a Temple Service, even at the digging of a well! It is considered a sign of spiritual poverty when there is no dance.

Israeli folk dance combined with contemporary praise music is a vital part of a Messianic Congregation. Join us as we celebrate our relationship with the Almighty through this dynamic form of worship.

For information: Contact -Taylor Shoupe 541-419-1848.


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